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Freezing services:

Freezing of objects against vermin.

People are not the only ones to like old things. Vermin such as moths and bugs thrive in both new and old wooden objects and textiles. Other vermin like bedbugs and fur beetles have become an increasing problem. These are insects found in clothes, bed linen, carpets and so on. Therefore, our advice is not to throw away your dear old objects and heirlooms even if they have become infected by vermin! We can provide help to secure the objects against further damage. The museum has freezing facilities for infected objects and in this way you can prevent further destruction. Thus you can safely bring your objects into the house without worrying about any unwanted stowaways.

Freezing of smaller objects: NOK 250.

Examples: Chair or several smaller objects for one and the same customer. Example: NOK 250 as a minimum price for one object, plus NOK 50 for each additional object.

Freezing of medium-sized objects: NOK 400.

Examples: Table, bed, chest of drawers, chest.

Freezing of bigger objects: NOK 500

Example: Big cupboards

For more information and appointment for freezing, please contact our preparatory Kristian Systad on phone 474 52 919 or email:

Audio guide:

Audio guide for The open-air museum

Here you can download the museum's audio guide or sound guide. It contains 40 MP3 files linked to 40 points of interest on the museum premises – buildings and other stops – in the open-air museum. If you download the files on your MP3 player or your mobile phone and take the files with you to the museum, we can guarantee an exciting and informative experience. It is also possible to rent an MP3 player at the museum, or download the files from the PC in the museum reception.

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