The open-air museum

The open-air museum

The open-air museum is located in a natural setting with hayfields, cultivated fields and pastures. There are footpaths and trails, playgrounds and nature trails, which makes this area an attractive recreation area for young and old people. But most importantly, the open-air museum consists of close to 40 antiquarian buildings from the Middle Ages until the present time.
The most recent "antiquarian" building dates from 1989 and we have placed buildings from the 20th century in a separate area of the museum grounds. We have aimed at placing all buildings in their natural environment.


In the summer season the museum runs the farm on a full scale with horse, cows, pigs and hens. The farm is operated as it was done in the late 19th century and in a genuine cultural landscape. The museum farm brings life to the museum, and the presence of the domestic animals provides an extra dimension to the musuem visit, especially for children.

The museum has developed an audio guide (sound guide) for the open-air museum in Norwegian, English and German.
It is possible to rent MP3 players in the reception, or you can download the sound files on your own player or mobile phone.

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audioguide in English

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