The Glavær cottage

The Glavær cottage

The oldest alehous/tavern in Sogn

As a part of Sogn Fjord Museum we find the Glavær cottage. This old alehouse/tavern was originally located on the island of Søre Glavær in the municipality of Gulen at the entrance to the Sognefjord. It was also called “Bondestova” (the farmer’s cottage) and this is the name that is painted above the entrance door. The cottage was probably built in the first decade of the 19th century.

In the alehouse there is a big room with a bar and a small public room behind the bar that can be closed with a hatch. From about 1840 the bar and the adjoining room were used as a general store. There is a staircase leading up to the attic which is furnished with small beds in “stalls” where guests could sleep. In addition, there is a utility room (“eldhus”) with a separate entrance and an open hearth.

The island of Søre Glavær was centrally located in the main shipping lane for the “jekt” traffic between the region of Sogn and Bergen, and for the whole western coast of Norway for that matter. Glavær had a sheltered harbour and had probably had a general store there since the mid-17th century.
Glavær served as an official inn since 1753, and court and municipal meetings took place there. The inn was in operation until about 1870-1880, but the reduced “jekt” traffic made it unprofitable.

The new communication pattern turned Glavær into an out-of-the-way place, and nobody lives there any longer. The cottage came to the old museum site at Amla in 1930, and for many years it was used as a café there.
In 2005 it was once more moved to its present location by Sogn Fjord Museum at Kaupanger.

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