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The Heiberg Collections-Sogn folk museum is located on Vestreim, by Highway 5, about midway between Sogndal and Mannheller, where the ferry from Fodnes (from Lærdal/Årdal) is docked.

Highway 5:
So, if you come with the ferry to Mannheller and are driving against Sogndal, you will pass the Museum on the left hand side after about 8 K.

Highway 55:
If you come with the ferry to Hella (from Vangsnes/Balestrand), drive against Sogndal and proceed towards Kaupanger (Lærdal/Årdal/Oslo), and the Museum can be found on the right hand side after about 8 K.

The airport in Sogndal is located about 15 minutes from the Museum by car, and the airport shuttle and city shuttle passes by the Museum several times a day.

Ferries and busses in Sogn:

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Find us on the map:

The first blue mark is where the main museum The Heiberg Collection are
The second blue mark is where you can find The Sogn Fjord Museum