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November 2014
November 2014
November 2014
November 2014
Hauststemning 2014
Hauststemning 2014
Prestegarden frå Vik i hauststemning
Helgheimstova i haustsol
November 2014
Det går mot haust
Hauststemning 2014
Hovudinngang til museet
DHS friluftsmuseum
Henjasanden i september

Christmas at the museum

Pre-Christmas evenings at the museum, wednesday 10. og tuesday 16. of December from 15-18.

You will not get the real Christmas spirit without visiting Santa Claus in the museum garden.
Up through the years, there are many kids in our Parishes that have seen the old farm Santa and seen him get his porridge. Soon it is that time again to come to the museum and help us find the old farm Santa and see if he still likes his porridge.

The Eidsvoll men from Sogn & Fjordane

1814 The Year of Miracles

The incredible year, seen from a local perspective

In connection with Norway’s Constitution jubilee, the museum’s new exhibit shows the dramatic events on the national and international levels throughout the year 1814. At the same time we focus on our own local communities and our representatives to Eidsvoll.
Who were the five representatives from the Nordre Bergenhus county who took part in the national assembly in the spring of 1814? How were they selected? How did they travel to Eidsvoll and what did they actually do there?

Slåttonn på friluftsmuseet

The open-air museum

The Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum is one of the oldest and finest folk museums in the country. At this museum you can experience how people from Sogn have worked and lived, from the Middle Ages until the present time.

Utstillingane inne på museet

The exhibits

In the main building of the museum you will find permanent exhibits linked to agriculture, arts and crafts, textiles and clothes, food and drink, and an exhibit linked to holidays and important family occasions. The main building also contains old workshops for craftsmen, an old dentist's office and an old general store.

Sogn Fjordmuseum, Kaupanger

Sogn Fjordmuseum is a special branch og the Heiberg Collection, situated by the fjord, about 5 km from the museum’s main site.

This is a modern museum, opened in 1989. At a time without roads the fjord was the artery of transport and at all seasons people used the fjord for transport of goods and passengers and for fishing.

Sogn Fjordmuseum presents you with exhibits from this past:

• Our exhibition of boats ranks among the best ones in the country.

• The workshop of a boatbuilder displays the tools of this trade.

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